Habitat Application

All programs at Habitat for Humanity Maui are for “HOME OWNERSHIP”

Sorry we do not have rental units

Our Partner Families must provide sweat equity into the building of their house and work along side other family members, friends, and members of the community in building the home. Habitat provides a long term, no interest, no profit mortgage to our partner families. We offer our families a hand up not hand out.

Partner Family Basic Requirements:

Click here for the 2018 Habitat for Humanity Income Guidelines

Income level: For a family of four, monthly income of $2,405 to $6,291 or at least $28,870/yr
Ability to repay us the interest free loan
Agreement to participate with sweat equity & willingness to partner with us

Information about requirements:
There are basic requirements to apply to be a Partner Family. These include meeting our income guidelines, having the ability to repay us the interest free loan and a willingness to partner with us. Currently we serve 25% to 80% of the median income. What this means is for a family of four, they must have income greater than $2,405/mo and no more than $6,291/mo per month. Our partner families sign a partnership agreement that they will participate with sweat equity in the build of their home.

Unfortunately Habitat for Humanity Maui does not have any land to build on right now. We are currently building for people who have land but are unable to afford to build on it. If you have family land, Hawaiian Homestead land or can afford to purchase land but cannot afford to build a house, you may qualify to apply with us.

Application :
In order to apply you must complete a full application packet to help us to determine if you qualify for the Habitat program. You can download the application or call 242-1140 and request one be mailed.

Full Application Packet

Please print, fill out and turn in the following documents (We are unable to accept incomplete applications):

For the complete application packet – CLICK HERE

How to Turn In Application Sheet – This document tells you how and where to turn in completed applications

Application – This is the actual application so please fill it out completely and make sure to sign and date the last page

Document Check List – Please print this form out, it is to ensure all documents have been turned in and that the application is complete

IRS Tax Form 4506-T – Please fill this form out and return it to Habitat for Humanity Maui. We will send it to the IRS to verify income for the previous two years

Landlord Verification – Please print name and signature and return this form to Habitat for Humanity Maui. We will mail it directly to the landlord and they will complete the form and mail it directly back the Habitat. If you are the property owner, please put “Property Owner” on the form and return it with the application

Verification of Public Assistance – Please fill out the highlighted sections and return it to Habitat for Humanity Maui. We will mail it to the County to verify any assistance you are receiving.

Verification of Employment – Please fill out boxes 7 & 8, return it to Habitat for Humanity Maui. We will mail it to your employer and they will mail it directly back to verify your employment

Credit Report Consent – Please fill out this entire form a submit it with your application. This form allows us to pull a copy of your credit report for the application

Credit Counseling Authorization – Please fill out this form and sign the bottom. This form allows us to give you free credit counseling, which is part of the application process for Habitat for Humanity Maui