Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are an essential part of our organization’s work. With your help, we are able to minimize costs which helps us to continue working towards our mission and continue building affordable homes for those in need.

Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and help make it a better place. For many it’s a chance to give back and for others it’s a time to develop new skills or share your knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, your time is always rewarding.

We offer many opportunities to lend a hand. Our volunteers have helped us to reach our goals with our construction sites, ReStore, and special events. With the help of our volunteers and donors, Habitat for Humanity Maui have built or renovated over 127 homes on Maui and Lanai. Whether you have a short amount of time, want to make it a part of your weekly routine or would like to bring a group, we would love your help!

To join us or for more information please call 808-242-1140 or email info@habitat-maui.org.

In response to COVID-19, additional protocols and restrictions are in place. Please visit here for details.