Maui County’s Electronic Recycling Program (Ecycling)
(a recycling program overseen by Habitat for Humanity Maui)
901 Lower Main St. in Wailuku across from Maui Soda & Ice.


We will be open:

Tuesdays 1 pm to 5 pm and

Saturdays 8 am to 1 pm

in the following Schedule

August 5 to September 30

Closed October 3 to October 28

Open October 31 forward, accepting ALL usual material

Call 280-6460 for up to date info!

* * See commercial notice below * *

We now accept computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, flat screen TV’s, printers,

faxes, copiers, scanners, all phones. 

NO Big old CRT televisions or microwaves – yet.

When we open on October 31, we will accept everything we normally have done:

Computers, monitors, televisions, printers, microwaves, dvd players, in short,

everything that attaches to a computer or a television, every phone,

audio device and gaming device ever made, all microwaves, beginning October 31.


Please DO NOT dump materials on our yard when we are not open, or on the roadside, or at the landfill. It becomes a community eyesore, and a health and safety issue. Hold onto your materials during this period OK? Helps us out here. If you’ve had a rotten TV, or whatever, in your carport to get rid of, you need to hold it for a bit. That’s all we ask.

Be patient. Be kind. We’re providing a free service.

Give us the needed time to do it properly.

Call the Ecycling Information Line at 280-6460 for updated information.


For Commercial Customers:

We’re sorry you have to hold onto your materials for this time period. You can call a Hazmat company to handle your materials, or we’re happy to work with you. As we expect a huge volume of material when we resume our full service October 31, we will arrange off-day reception for large loads from you, so you do not need to struggle with your trucks into the yard when so many vehicles are present. 

When you want to use this special service, email us at:

We will respond within 48 hours and work with you on a date and time mutually acceptable for us both. Until then, as you’ve read, PLEASE do not dump on us.

Thank you.

For questions about the Ecycle Program,

please call the

Ecycle Information Line (808) 280-6460.

If you need fuller description or have a question, please email

The Habitat ReStore is not able to accept electronics. All Ecycle materials must go to the lot at 901 Lower Main on Tuesday and Saturday during regular Ecycle hours.

Ecycle hours of operations:

Each Tuesday 1 pm to 5 pm. Last load in: 4:45 pm

Each Saturday 8 am to 1 pm. Last load in: 12:45 pm

You do NOT need an appointment - just come during hours of operations.

You get it here; we off-load it.

Pursuant to Maui County arrangements, we no longer accept commercial open bins!

If you have more than a level pickup truck load, you must palletize and wrap your load.

We have a fork lift and will-offload it for you.

What we will take beginning October 31:

Computer, and everything that attaches to them
• Televisions, and everything that attaches to them
• Every phone and microwave ever made
• Every audio, gaming console, camera and video device ever made
• Computer battery backups and power tools with batteries

We DO NOT accept:

• Stoves
• Air conditioners
• Toaster Ovens
• Refrigerators
• Fans / Ceiling Fans
• Water Coolers
• Tires
• Treadmills
• Automotive Batteries
• Used Motor Oil

PLEASE stop dumping on us. Come when we are open!

Appliances must be taken to Hammerhead Metals

in the Maui Baseyard off Mokulele.

Hammerhead Metals phone number: (808) 280-8844

ALL business trucks must arrive by one half hour prior

to closing to give us time to offload.

We do not pick up materials. We do have a crew on hand to help you off-load your vehicle. Please do not bring anything in a cardboard box or Styrofoam -you will only be driving away with the material yourself.


Marty McMahon
Program Administrator

For other recycling resources, go to:

 Please no dumping! 

Habitat for Humanity Maui
970 Lower Main Street
Wailuku, HI 96793
Office: 808-242-1140
Fax: 808-242-1141
ReStore: 808-986-8050
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